PerformZen Fear Workbook contains exercises to help you overcome anxiety & stage fright

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Success means performing when opportunity strikes! The Fear Workbook helps overcome stage fright & anxiety fears so you're always ready to perform...

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Ever wish you had easy-to-follow exercises on hand to fight off the anxiety before a big & scary event? Well now you do…

Many people who purchase PerformZen, our best selling natural anxiety supplement, have a ton of questions about how to use the supplement to help them with their stage fright and performance anxiety symptoms. Usually, they have just scheduled a big event like giving a speech at their friend/families wedding, or performing a critical keynote presentation in front of a large audience.

For a lot of these customers, public speaking or performing in front of an audience is not something they do regularly. For many, it’s their first time being ‘in the spotlight’ where the stakes are high.

So we find ourselves answering the same questions over and over, with most of our responses boiling down to “public performing is a learned skill, not some magical innate-ability that only a rare few have. Here are the exercises that have made us, and thousands of our past customers, better performers…

PerformZen Fear Workbook Digital Edition on an iPhone

What's Inside The Fear Workbook?

The PerformZen Fear Workbook contains 6 exercises, along with both short and expanded instructions breaking down how and why these exercises work. The Fear Workbook exercises are:

Fear Setting

Fear Setting

Entering The Zone

Entering The Zone

Pre-Performance Routines

Pre-Performance Routines

Challenge Responses

Challenge Responses

Tactical Breathing

Tactical Breathing

Calm Conversations

Calm Conversations

The Fear Workbook is a tool you can keep with you and use throughout the day when you feel anxiety rising. It contains both quick, on-the-spot exercises to help you avoid spiraling from anxiety right before a performance, as well as some consistent practices that can help you overcome anxiety in your daily life. The digital edition can be accessed at any time on your phone, e-reader device or computer, making sure you always have access to these powerful exercises.

Buy The Fear Workbook Today & Overcome Your Fears...

We have seen these simple, fast-acting exercises help our customers perform at their best constantly, and we would love to see the same for you! The PerformZen Fear Workbook is available as a paperback version or as a printable digital edition delivered to you instantly and accessable on any device (mobile, computer and tablet):

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why did you make The Fear Workbook?

Jane, our genius co-founder who spends a lot of her time talking directly with customers, got a little bit annoyed (in the nicest possible way) that she seemed to be constantly sharing the same exercises that she herself used to help overcome her performance anxiety during her career as a concert violinist, so she decided to put her expertise down on paper. The result, after months of working with researchers, editors and consulting with numerous experts, is the PerformZen Fear Workbook

What topics/areas are covered in the Fear Workbook?

View the 'Whats Inside' section to see the exercises and topics covered in the fear workbook. But to summarize, exercises covered in the Fear Workbook are: 1) Fear Setting 2) Entering The Zone 3) Developing a Pre-Performance Routine 4) Fostering Challenge Responses 5) Tactical Breathing & 5) Calm Conversations.

Is this a digital product or a physical book?

Short answer: both! We offer the PerformZen Fear Workbook as a digital version, which is delivered to you instantly for download and is made up of several PDFs in full-color and black-white printable versions, and also as a Print Edition which is a paperback. You can also buy both the print and digital editions and receive a significant discount ($14) here.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

You bet. We put a lot of work into the Fear Workbook to make it the most comprehensive and valuable workbook for those suffering from stage fright, social anxiety & performance anxiety. But if, for whatever reason, you are not happy with your purchase within 90 days, we'll refund your money. Read more about our refund policies for the digital edition and the print edition here.

How do I download the Fear Workbook once I have purchased the digital edition?

Once your payment is processed, you'll see an order confirmation screen which includes links to download your purchase(s). You'll also receive an order confirmation email with a link to your downloads. If you don't get an email after you purchase, check your spam folder. If it's not there, send an email to or contact us through the help center so we can fix the issue

Is my credit card secure?

100% yes. We've partnered with industry leading banking services like Stripe to handle the billing and provide a secure 256-bit encryption. On top of the secure payment systems of Stripe, we take every step available to us to help keep your transaction safe.

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