Agnit Brahma

Agnit is a performance expert and the lead writer for PerformZen. As an avid health and fitness enthusiast, he is passionate about helping people take control of their health to live happier, more productive lives. Someday, he plans to listen to his own advice and drink less coffee. Here are all of Agnit Brahma's contributions:

Zoom Anxiety – How to Get Over Social Anxiety Triggered by Video Calls

Zoom Anxiety - how to manage zoom and conference call anxiety

One of the biggest effects of the pandemic on the workplace is the move to Work From Home (WFH) for many people who’s work allows for it. A side effect of this, or perhaps an enabler of it, is the movement of meetings and daily communication to online video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams & Skype. For many of us, communicating through video conferencing tools is extremely nerve-wracking, perhaps even more so, than in-person meetings. We look at the phenomenon commonly called ‘zoom anxiety’, investigate why the problem exists and share several steps you can take to get rid of zoom anxiety before your next meeting or presentation.

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Ultimate Guide to Fighting Performance Anxiety for Musicians, Actors, Athletes & Public Speakers

Ultimate guide to fighting performance anxiety for musicians, singers, actors, athletes & public speakers

Performance Anxiety is an extremely common issue for singers, musicians, actors, public speakers and even (especially?) athletes. In fact, for anyone who wants to perform at a high level, fighting performance anxiety so that you can remain calm & focused is the key to what you do. We looked at how high level performers in various fields fight performance anxiety successfully so that they can perform at their best consistently. You won’t want to miss this one…

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Audition Nerves? How to Prepare for an Audition Using Science

How to calm audition nerves & overcome audition anxiety

Actors, singers, musical instrument players and all sorts of high-level performers have to deal with auditions. Auditions can be nerve-wracking experiences even for veteran performers, you have to perform at your best literally on-demand and the stakes can be very high! So we looked at how you can train yourself to give ace auditions using a few simple, research-backed techniques so that you can get the opportunities you deserve in your career.

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Fear Setting Before Performing to Conquer Fear & Stage Fright

Fear-setting stoic exercises to conquer fear & anxiety

Stoicism is an ancient philosophy designed to increase wisdom, happiness, virtue and resilience to the adversity that the world often throws at us. A stoic concept, made popular by author and entrepreneur/investor Tim Ferris, is ‘Fear Setting’. Fear-Setting is where, instead of setting goals, you visualize & clearly define the worst possible outcome of an event you’re considering in detail. In this article, we look at how fear-setting can be used to define, and then completely conquer, your biggest fears and anxieties.

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Overcome Golf Anxiety & Nervousness on the Golf Course

How to overcome golf anxiety

Golf, at higher levels, is a mentally taxing sport. You need to balance mental focus and calm with infinite physical variables that can all make or break your game. This makes anxiety and mental blocks important to manage while improving your golf game; managing anxiety and controlling your mental state and staying calm may be the only thing preventing you from reaching the next level in your game. In this article we look at what causes golf anxiety and several remedies you can use to help with your golf anxiety so that you can level-up your game.

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How To Stop Buck Fever: Learn How to Calm Nerves and Stay Focused While Hunting

How to stop buck fever while hunting

Buck Fever can ruin your hunting experience as it’s the nervousness that hunters may experience when they have their target in sight, and it’s time to take the shot. Buck Fever is a real condition that can even cause the most experienced of hunters to miss the broadside of a deer from close range. So why do we experience buck fever? What causes it and is there a way to overcome buck fever? PerformZen investigates all of that, and more, in this article.

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Listen to This Music to Instantly Reduce Anxiety (Proven Through Science)

Music for anxiety

Music is a powerful tool for helping deal with anxiety and for calming nerves, particularly as part of a preparation routine for big events like exam and tests, competitions, stage and music performances, etc. In this article, the PerformZen team brake down why elite performers like Lebron James use music to help them consistently perform at their best, looking into the science behind it. Then we provide several recommendations for music that has been specially developed to help with anxiety.

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Glossophobia and Me: How I Overcame My Fear of Public Speaking

Glossophobia and fear of public speaking: how to beat it

In this article I share my personal story about overcoming my own fear of public speaking. I tried everything, from therapy (Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT) to yoga to researching different, often extreme, techniques and practicing them in front of audiences like my local Toastmasters group. In doing so I also learned a lot about Glossophobia, which is ‘a fear of public speaking’, including learning what causes it, why it’s so common a fear amongst the general public and, most importantly, how to defeat glossophobia and overcome a fear of public speaking. Here, I share my own story as well as everything I learned. If you suffer from public speaking anxiety, you will not want to miss this!

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Propranolol for Anxiety and Stage Fright: Everything You Need to Know

Propranolol for Anxiety & Stage fright - the ultimate to the beta blocker

The beta-blocker Propranolol is commonly used off-script for anxiety & stage fright by professional performers of all sorts: from singers to CEOs, orchestra musicians and anyone who is experiencing severe anxiety in the run up to a large, high-stakes event. Here we look at how and why propranolol works to help with anxiety & stage fright, as well as analyzing the side-effects and diving into natural and equally effective alternatives. Keep reading if you are interested in using propranolol to help with your performance anxiety.

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Overcome Test Anxiety With 5 Tips Backed by Research

Test Anxiety Tips for overcoming exam nerves & stress

If you’re facing anxiety and stress in the run up to an exam or test, you are not alone! Test anxiety is when you experience physical, emotional and/or mental symptoms in the lead up to an exam, and can have serious health implications, not to mention the likely effect on your academic abilities. In this article PerformZen looks at why we experience such extreme nerves and anxiety in the run up to exams & tests, and reveal 5 science-based techniques for getting past test anxiety and excelling in any exam.

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Beta Blockers for Anxiety: The Ultimate Guide

Beta Blockers for anxiety - everything you want to know about using beta blockers for performance anxiety & stage fright

Many performers (from musicians, to public speakers, to athletes) use beta blockers off-script to help with their stage fright & performance anxiety symptoms. In this article we look at what performance anxiety is and what causes it, how beta blockers actually work to help with anxiety symptoms, what the positives & negatives of beta-blockers are and finally, we investigate alternatives to beta blockers for those trying to overcome performance anxiety without any negative side effects.

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Metoprolol for Anxiety – Everything You Need to Know

Metoprolol / Lopressor for performance anxiety and stage fright

Metoprolol is a prescription beta blocker, typically prescribed under the brand-name Lopressor to treat cardiovascular conditions like hypertension, as well as irregular heartbeats and similar conditions. Metoprolol is often used off-script to help high level performers reduce performance anxiety before and during a performance that usually would strike fear in even the most well-practiced individuals. We take a closer look at Metoprolol and determine if it is a suitable solution to performance anxiety, why it is said to work, what the side effects are, and if there are any natural & effective alternatives.

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How to Get Rid of Stage Fright Using Science

How to beat stage fright and performance anxiety using science

Is it possible to defeat stage fright considering recent scientific discoveries? We believe so, and in this article we look at several ways individuals who need to perform, whether on stage or in a job interview, can overcome stage fright so that they can perform at their best despite all the pressure. We also look at several stage fright remedies available to you right now, from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to GABA & L-theanine supplements.

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How to Overcome Job Interview Anxiety & Get the Job You Want

How to defeat interview anxiety & get the job you've always dreamed of

Job hunting can be high-stakes. You want the job so that you can progress with your career and possibly improve your standing in life. All of the potential upside of finding a good job makes the stress, fear and anxiety that come with job interviews extremely potent. Here we answer the question ‘what is interview anxiety’ as well as showing several interview anxiety remedies that can be implemented quickly to give you the strongest chance of getting the job you want.

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