Social Anxiety

Perhaps you've had this experience when walking into a party or social gathering: you immediately feel out of place, awkward, and/or really nervous. For some, these situations always feel like they are being judged and that they don't 100% belong there. These situations can really cause insecurity and uncertainty to bubble.
If you can relate to this experience, then you likely suffer from Social Anxiety. When experiencing social anxiety, our body experiences a stress response and typically reacts by releasing certain chemicals into the system, usually recognizable as what we know as 'fight-or-flight mode' or survival mode. In this survival mode, your adrenaline hormone spikes and the heart starts to pump blood with greater force. This can lead to common social anxiety symptoms like dry mouth, shaking and trembling, excessive sweating, and a general feeling of dread.
The articles here are all about Social Anxiety, why we get social anxiety in the first place and common remedies for social anxiety like Valerian Root, Nootropics and of course PerformZen.

Nootropics For Social Anxiety – The Best Smart Drugs For Social Interactions

Nootropics for Social Anxiety

Most people experience some level of social anxiety, and it’s usually ramped up around larger crowds or crowded social functions. But for some, social anxiety gets so intense that it prohibits the person from truly experiencing and enjoying situations that could potentially benefit them. It’s usually at this point that Nootropics to help with social anxiety are considered. Here we go over the different Nootropic options for those looking for assistance with social interactions. Highlights include Uridine Monophosphate (UMP), Aniracetam, L-Theanine, Curcumin and PerformZen.

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Valerian Root For Social Anxiety – Can Valerian Root Help With Social Anxiety?

Valerian Root for Social Anxiety

Valerian Root is a herb derived from the root of the valerian plant, and it’s usage has been recorded throughout history (from Nordic mythology, to the ancient Greeks & Romans) as a herbal tool for fighting stress, migraines, insomnia & fatigue. As valerian root has become popular as a natural relaxant, its usage by those looking for help with social anxiety and generalized anxiety symptoms has increased dramatically. Here we take a look at what Valerian root is, investigate whether it works for social anxiety, analyze side effects are and uncover if it’s actually a good tool for overcoming social anxiety.

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Does PerformZen Calm Performance Formula work For Social Anxiety?

Can PerformZen help with social anxiety?

Social Anxiety can really have a negative impact on your life. It can effect everything from your body language through to your social network and status. If you are constantly feeling anxious in social situations, then you may be wondering if PerformZen can help with your social anxiety symptoms? In this article we go over several different techniques that you can use to fight Social Anxiety and help clarify if PerformZen is useful for fighting and overcoming social anxiety (spoiler: IT IS).

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Zoom Anxiety – How to Get Over Social Anxiety Triggered by Video Calls

Zoom Anxiety - how to manage zoom and conference call anxiety

One of the biggest effects of the pandemic on the workplace is the move to Work From Home (WFH) for many people who’s work allows for it. A side effect of this, or perhaps an enabler of it, is the movement of meetings and daily communication to online video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams & Skype. For many of us, communicating through video conferencing tools is extremely nerve-wracking, perhaps even more so, than in-person meetings. We look at the phenomenon commonly called ‘zoom anxiety’, investigate why the problem exists and share several steps you can take to get rid of zoom anxiety before your next meeting or presentation.

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