Performance Science

Performance Science is the research and analysis of improving performances and becoming elite speakers, singers, sales people, and any other field that constantly requires performing under pressure. But performance science isn't only applicable to professional, high-anxiety fields; it can also apply to social situations and dating. If we can actually figure out the science behind performing at our best under pressure, we will always have an inherent advantage in our social life and our careers. We try to cover a broad range of topics, like overcoming audition nerves and buck fever, as well as some more niche performance issues like recovering from voice loss.

How to get your voice back – 4 quick remedies to get your voice back quickly

Lost Voice Remedy - How to get your voice back

For professional performers and professions that emphasize vocal communication, the voice is an essential tool. What many experience after repeatedly pushing their voice to the extremes is either a complete loss of voice, or harsh irritation and inflammation of the throat (and therefore voice). This is a natural bodily response, but there are several things that can be done to either prevent voice loss from occurring too regularly, or remedies to help you recover faster when voice loss inevitably occurs. Here we try and hone in on the ultimate lost voice remedy.

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Is Fear of Public Speaking Really The Number One Fear in The World?

Fear of public speaking

According to a recent survey, over 40% of Americans say they have a fear of public speaking and the only fear more common was snakes (some even listed death as less scary then public speaking)! Fear of public speaking, or the medical term glossophobia, is extremely common in humans and has primal routes in our psychology. Here we investigate if the fear of public speaking really is the number one ranked fear globally, as well as dig in to why so many experience this fear and what we can do to help overcome it.

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Audition Nerves? How to Prepare for an Audition Using Science

How to calm audition nerves & overcome audition anxiety

Actors, singers, musical instrument players and all sorts of high-level performers have to deal with auditions. Auditions can be nerve-wracking experiences even for veteran performers, you have to perform at your best literally on-demand and the stakes can be very high! So we looked at how you can train yourself to give ace auditions using a few simple, research-backed techniques so that you can get the opportunities you deserve in your career.

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How To Stop Buck Fever: Learn How to Calm Nerves and Stay Focused While Hunting

How to stop buck fever while hunting

Buck Fever can ruin your hunting experience as it’s the nervousness that hunters may experience when they have their target in sight, and it’s time to take the shot. Buck Fever is a real condition that can even cause the most experienced of hunters to miss the broadside of a deer from close range. So why do we experience buck fever? What causes it and is there a way to overcome buck fever? PerformZen investigates all of that, and more, in this article.

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Listen to This Music to Instantly Reduce Anxiety (Proven Through Science)

Music for anxiety

Music is a powerful tool for helping deal with anxiety and for calming nerves, particularly as part of a preparation routine for big events like exam and tests, competitions, stage and music performances, etc. In this article, the PerformZen team brake down why elite performers like Lebron James use music to help them consistently perform at their best, looking into the science behind it. Then we provide several recommendations for music that has been specially developed to help with anxiety.

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