Can PerformZen Help With Flying Anxiety & Fear of Flying?

This is a surprisingly common question, so much so that we wrote an entire article diving deep into the causes, symptoms and potential solutions for a severe fear of flying/flying anxiety here. The short answer is Yes, PerformZen can help with your immediate flying anxiety symptoms, but there are some caveats!

Essentially, flying anxiety is a multi-faceted issue that can be caused by any number of causes (or several of them combined) and so it follows that overcoming flying anxiety requires a more nuanced, cause-focused approach. PerformZen can help with the immediate symptoms of flying anxiety, keeping you in a calm and mentally stable state on the day of and/or during your flight, there is still the mental component of flying anxiety that can only be overcome with study & a deeper understanding of how the aviation industry, machinery & process works.

Our advice is to consider PerformZen to help overcome the immediate barriers faced on the day of and during a flight, but also follow the books, resources & preparation activities mentioned in our flying anxiety guide to help improve your perception and mental outlook on flying as a whole, which will have benefits for a lifetime!

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Last updated on June 21, 2023