Who is PerformZen For? What Situations can PerformZen help with?

PerformZen was originally made with musicians in mind; specifically orchestra violinists. One of the co-founders of PerformZen was a career violinist and in over 15 years of playing professionally, had never been able to overcome the crushing fear and panic that would overwhelm her before a performance. The performance anxiety that came with her job got so bad that she took a break and dedicated herself to finding a solution to this problem. Fast forward two years & several collaborations with experts in the medical & nutrition industry, and we have PerformZen Calm Performance Formula.

From lots of testing and feedback from users, we identified that there were several particular use-cases that PerformZen Calm Performance Formula really helps with by effectively combating performance anxiety & helping the user focus on clear & creative thought: Public Speaking, tests and exams, job interviews and (first?) dates. Several of our testers were shocked at how much PerformZen helped during these situations. Take a look at some customer feedback to learn more.

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Last updated on February 5, 2021