Will PerformZen Help With Social Anxiety?

We have been asked so many times about PerformZen being effective at helping customers overcome social anxiety that we wrote an entire page answering the question. The short answer is: Yes, PerformZen can help with your social anxiety symptoms.

The Canadian clinical psychologist and professor of psychology, Jordan Peterson, described a social party or larger gathering “as a monster for someone who experiences social anxiety.” This is because, for those with social anxiety, parties & social settings can be severely stressful situations. And when under stress, our bodies respond by releasing certain chemicals & hormones and, in many cases, switching to a fight-or-flight mode, almost as a form of survival. In these scenarios, our bodies are flooded with the adrenaline hormone (epinephrine), causing the heart to pump blood with greater force which leads to the symptoms of social anxiety that you are familiar with.

PerformZen helps overcome these social anxiety symptoms by boosting the neurotransmitter GABA in your brain. GABA works by inhibiting brain signals to reduce nervous system activity, and GABA deficiency has been directly linked with higher anxiety levels in studies. Increased GABA levels is extremely beneficial for those experiencing social anxiety, and the other ingredients in PerformZen (like Magnesium, Vitamin B6, Theacrine & Ginkgo Biloba) boost cognitive performance so that you can keep nervousness at bay and focus on enjoying every social situation.

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Last updated on September 4, 2023