How Does PerformZen Help With Performance Anxiety & Stage Fright?

PerformZen is a uniquely formulated dietary supplement that is made for those of us who want or need to perform at our best, overcoming pre-performance fear, stage fright, butterflies and performance anxiety to do so!

GABA & L-theanine in PerformZen work together to quickly relieve stress, calm nerves, increase alpha brain waves (responsible for wakeful relaxation) and theta brain waves (associated with creativity).

Theacrine in PerformZen provides similar boosts in mental clarity, mood & energy levels as caffeine, but without the jitteriness & subsequent energy dips that come with a cup of Joe.

Magnesium & Vitamin B6 in PerformZen aid in GABA absorption, making both GABA & L-theanine ingredients fast-acting & potent, while restricting & filtering the release of stress hormones to the brain.

Finally, Ginkgo Biloba helps maintain healthy Cortisol (primary stress hormone) levels & prevents stress-induced blood pressure rises which are responsible for reduced co-ordination in high stress scenarios.

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Last updated on February 5, 2021